Remodel Your Home to Include a Party Room

To create a schedule that auto-allocates party room resources at the product level, click Venue Manager and select Schedules. For example, you would create a schedule named Weekend Parties.

A room party is a great way to raise spirits in any home. The right furniture, accessories and decorations can give a party room game idea an extraordinary feeling.

To create a schedule that auto-allocates party room resources at the product level, click Venue Manager and select Schedules. For example, you would create a schedule named Weekend Parties.


If you love to entertain but are limited in space at your home, consider a party room. Remodeling or adding a dedicated area allows you to create a multipurpose space that adapts easily to your family’s lifestyle and entertaining preferences.

Depending on your needs, you may want to incorporate the party room into an existing space such as a living room or dining room. Others designate a kitchen island or second den as their party room. For maximum flexibility, consider frameless glass doors that open to the yard when weather permits.

Whatever you choose, make sure the space has enough room to accommodate your largest gatherings and feel intimate when hosting just a few guests. Also consider ceiling height – standard or low ceilings can make a room feel small and claustrophobic. Higher, cathedral, or sloped (also known as tray) ceilings are more visually appealing and help a room to feel spacious. Also, be sure to have sufficient storage space for party supplies.


When it comes to party decorating, lighting is often overlooked. Yet, it’s a big part of the overall mood your guests will experience. It can make a room feel warm and cozy or it can set an upbeat tone for the whole evening.

Some of the best lighting tricks are inexpensive. For instance, laying a sheet of thin colored cloth over a lamp shade can instantly change the look of a space. You can also use light bulbs that screw into your existing fixtures but offer a wide range of color choices and starry sky effects.

For more subtle lighting, try strip lights – they’re just like what they sound like: skinny LED lights in a spool that can be cut to size and used around windows, under cabinets and along picture frames. They’re often remotely controllable and can be tuned to a variety of glow hues.


Many homeowners remodel or build their homes to include a Party Room. This can be a dining room, living room, recreation room or other space that serves the family’s daily needs and then converts to a social commune for parties. When designing or remodeling this space, consider how the family will use it on a regular basis, not just during parties.

The furniture in a party room is key to the room’s success. It should be movable to make it easy to change the configuration for different types of gatherings, and it should complement the overall design theme while creating a comfortable and inviting environment. Ideally, the room should have lots of windows for natural lighting and environmental control — you want to be able to keep the space cool or warm depending on season. Also, removing items that aren’t essential to the gathering such as consoles and displays will open up floor space and encourage people to mingle throughout the room.


If you enjoy entertaining and have the space, designating a room as your home party room is a great idea. Depending on your lifestyle, this might mean using an existing dining room, gathering room or second den for your party room game idea, or it might involve building or remodeling to create a dedicated party space.

When designing your party room, look around your home for surfaces that could be repurposed. A bookshelf can serve as an impromptu bar, a coffee table can become a seated seating area and your sink can host an easy-to-set-up food buffet or drink station. Providing convenient trash receptacles and adding hooks for coats and bags will help diminish clutter during the party, advises Knutson.

Glow parties are a popular addition to any party and can be easily done by adding a few black lights, a disco ball and glow paint or decorations from Redemption Plus. Adding a chalkboard wall can also get guests involved during the party.

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