Party Room Mongkok

You can also play games like board games, America pool and Mahjong. Some even have a mini theatre!

Party room Mongkok  is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy thoughtful drinks and delicious food. Many of them also have fun activities, such as beer pong and video game machines.

You can also play games like board games, America pool and Mahjong. Some even have a mini theatre!


Party rooms are great for a range of events, from wild birthday jamborees to laid-back get-togethers. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Mongkok, they are easily accessible by all types of transport and are surrounded by many dining options and attractions. They offer a convenient, one-stop solution with Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities, video games, and snacks. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the messy clean up!

These spaces use moveable walls to create different rooms, allowing them to accommodate up to 50 people. They are perfect for parties, workshops, screenings, and private gatherings. Some even have a kitchen, which makes it easy to prepare and serve food.

Some venues also have a variety of entertainment options, such as America pool and beer pong. They can be a fun way to bond with your friends while enjoying some alcohol and snacks. Some even allow you to bring your own booze, which can save you money!

Food & Drink

In the heart of Mongkok, there is a wide variety of food and drink to choose from. Sizzling skewers of mouthwatering satay and aromatic curry fish balls are all waiting to be enjoyed on the streets, while fragrant stews and piping hot noodles can be found at the night markets.

Serious coffee aficionados can head to Knockbox, which serves up artisanal brews that are sure to awaken your taste buds. This one-of-a-kind eatery also prides itself on its social mission, employing differently-abled staff and promoting community development.

Upstairs from the main dining room is a rustically decked-out space that is perfect for a casual snack or tea break. Enjoy next-level desserts like gelatinous cherry blossom cake and tofu cheesecake, as well as a selection of premium teas that goes beyond your standard red tea. These venues are commonly equipped with KTV system, different decoration styles and can accommodate large or small groups for birthday party, classmates gathering, friends parties, corporate team building, proposal party, single party, etc.


Located in the heart of party room Mongkok, party rooms provide plenty of entertainment and food options to keep your guests happy. Many venues also feature games and activities that are suitable for all ages, making them ideal for birthday parties, family gatherings, and group holidays.

A small and middle-sized theme Party Room probably can hold 8 to 12 people, and is suitable for all kinds of theme parties, group dinners, family reunions, and festival celebration parties. There are various entertainments available in the venue, such as board games, darts machine, automatic Mahjong, America pool, and mini theatre.

Some venues even offer overnight Party Room services. You can order food from outside and bring it to the Party Room, where you can stay overnight with your friends while watching movies, playing mahjong, or singing songs. Some of them also have beer pong tables and video game machines. You can also try karaoke to sing your favorite songs with your friends.


With space at a premium in Hong Kong, hosting parties at home can be a hassle. That’s where party rooms come in. These one-stop shops offer Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities, video games and snacks, making them a great place to throw a birthday jamboree without worrying about the messy clean up afterwards.

Some party room providers offer additional amenities like beer pong tables and acoustic speakers. Some even have a DJ to add an extra touch of fun to your night out! Others offer team building activities, which can help strengthen work relationships and encourage open communication.

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