How to Spruce Up Your Party Room

Start with a business plan to determine your market and customer needs. Then, design an attractive space and implement efficient booking systems

Whether it’s an apartment with serving platters  teetering on countertops or a galley kitchen that doubles as a de facto bar, party room game idea are often tight on space. But with careful planning, it’s possible to create an inviting and functional space that will attract customers.

Start with a business plan to determine your market and customer needs. Then, design an attractive space and implement efficient booking systems.

Inflatable decorations

Inflatable decorations are an eye-catching way to spruce up your party room. They’re usually made from durable materials that can withstand indoor and outdoor use. In addition, they’re safe and non-toxic. Look for decorations that provide good value for money and include clear instructions on set-up and maintenance.

Choose between realistic-looking inflatables or ones that are closer to cartoon characters. Also, consider how long it will take you to inflate and install the decoration. Finally, make sure to read reviews about the product before making a purchase.

If you’re looking for a festive holiday display, consider this animated archway inflatable with Santa and snowman on each end. It’s made from weatherproof materials and has stakes and tethers to keep it secured in place during windy conditions.


Table linens set the stage for any meal and create a sense of ambiance. The color and pattern of the tablecloth can convey a certain vibe, so you should choose it carefully. For example, white tablecloths reflect elegance while vibrant ones can create a festive mood.

Fabric also matters, since some types are easier to clean. Cotton tablecloths are good for everyday use and can be wiped down easily. Linen is another popular option for special events because it’s naturally moisture wicking and has a textured feel.

You can also choose a lace tablecloth, which is hardy enough to handle spills and is beautiful enough for holiday dinners. You can find lace tablecloths in a variety of colors, and they come with matching napkins and placemats.


Balloons can add a fun touch to any party, whether you’re decorating for a birthday or a wedding. They are especially popular with children’s parties, but can also be used to create a backdrop for a themed party or even a full-scale construction for a holiday celebration.

You can make balloon decorations by tying them to a stick and adding paint or markers. For example, you can make a flower balloon bouquet, which can be displayed as a centerpiece or stuffed into a gift for a loved one. You can also use gold and pink small long balloons to make a heart-shaped garland.

You can also decorate balloons by tying ribbon or string to them. For a quick decoration, you can wrap the string with washi tape in your party colors or rip it into 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) pieces and fold them over the balloon tail.

String lights

Using a strand of string lights to frame a seating or dining area offers a simple way to make the space glow after dark. In this al fresco setting, a single strand of blue lights sets the tone for relaxing conversation and dinner.

String lights come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes. Choose from traditional Edison-style bulbs or a warmer, more modern look with frosted or clear glass bulb shapes. If you’re looking for long-lasting energy savings, go with LEDs, like these Pottery Barn strands that are available in an array of warm and natural hues.

If you’d prefer to customize your party ambiance through a mobile app, try a set of smart outdoor lights from Govee. They can be controlled with a smartphone and change color to match your party’s theme or music.


Many people remodel their homes to include a party room game idea. They may convert a dining room, living room, second den or create an entirely new space that is used as a gathering place for friends and family. It is important that any party room you design is functional for your lifestyle. For example, it should be close to the kitchen for a quick and easy flow of food. It should also have sufficient lighting and windows for the comfort of your guests. Finally, a room that is used for parties should be easy to clean and have plenty of storage space for the equipment you will use on a regular basis.

It is also important that your party room has a high ceiling to prevent guests from feeling claustrophobic. Cathedral or sloped (also known as tray) ceilings work well and are attractive and airy.

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